Joshua Dee is an architect with over 15 years of experience revolving around the creation of high-end lake homes in Petoskey, new homes and alterations in Plymouth, Northville, Berkley, and other communities in Michigan. Joshua graduated with a Master of Architecture from Lawrence Technological University and developed his skills in crafting traditionally styled homes while working under a skilled architect who specializes in historic preservation. Over the years Joshua’s clients have ranged from young couples expanding their home, to established executives creating legacy projects for their family and following generations.
Sketch of Cottage in Dutch Colonial Style
This first stage of the design process is all about discovery and exploring the overall goals of the project. The initial meetings and conversations are focused on learning about the client and their home or site, and unearthing what may be unique or challenging about their project. It’s important in the beginning to have a deep understanding of why a client is considering their project as that will determine the focus that guides many decisions down the road. Defining the client’s budget is also important in this stage as it helps guide choices that will add the most value to the project. Information gathered will aid in developing a design and presenting it through proposed floor plans, elevation drawings, and if desired, 3D modeling.
sketching on trace paper laid over an architectural drawing
Once the project looks like it’s heading in a direction that will likely represent its final form, next is the Design Development Stage. If it hasn’t begun already, this is where it is important to start building the team that will bring the project to completion. It’s really important to get the insight that a builder or other professional can provide early in the design stages. It is also important to build relationships early during the design process so that all parties involved can become intimately knowledgeable about the project and looking toward the finished result with the same goals in mind.
architectural drawings showing an elevation and cross section
The third stage involves creating the package of drawings consisting of necessary Floor Plans, Elevations, Cross Sections, and Construction Details that will serve to explain the design intent to the many parties involved, whether it be a Code Official, a Carpenter, or anyone else that has a role to play. Once these documents are finalized and the project is underway, Joshua's level of involvement varies with the service a client desires. With some, that role is helping choose finishes and make choices about the home that carry a cohesive vision all the way to the project’s completion; while others might not require services beyond construction documents. Either way Joshua looks forward to seeing a project develop into its finished state and learning about the impact it has.